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The founder of Modern PT, Lynn is dedicated to the wellness of each and every person who walks through the door. Lynn opened this center 10 years ago to be a caring, communicative haven for people of all ages to address their pain. When Lynn isn't using her magic touch to ease pain and increase range of motion, she's attending classes and conferences to implement the most innovative practices and technologies to address her patients' needs.  

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2019: A Record Breaking Year 4 Ransomware?

2019 has been another record-breaking year for ransomware attacks. The statistics speak for themselves: ransomware attacks have shot up 500% in 2019 since this time last year.

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Put an end to cyberthreats?

Your EDR solutions monitor, log and store the details of endpoint activity, such as user events, processes, changes to the registry, memory and network usage. This visibility uncovers threats that would otherwise go unnoticed. ? 

No Kidnapping, No Ransom

Ransomware is still one of the most lucrative weapons in a cybercriminal’s arsenal. This kind of cybercrime encrypts the files on a computer, and blocks access to them until the required ransom is received, generally in the form of bitcoin, an untraceable virtual cryptocurrency.?


Lessons From Sandy. Business Continuance vs. Disaster Recovery

Aberdeen recently conducted a survey of IT professionals focused on the plans and processes that organizations adopt for continued business operations and recovery in case of a disaster. The March 2012 survey found that the top pressure driving businesses to adopt a Disaster Recovery plan was risk of business interruption and the high cost of downtime. Download survey results.

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